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Vehicle Access

Vehicle Access

Vehicle access is permitted in the Monarch, Palace and Kings Suite.  Please complete the attached form and return to your Event Planner prior to your event.  
Here is the information that you need to know in order to make this possible. Please note that these requirements will need to be satisfied in addition to the event safety information (risk assessments, checklists etc) that are sent  to our clients.

Prior to the Event

● Notification of the exact type of vehicle including age, weight, dimensions and fuel type.

● Method Statements describing the delivery of the vehicle, and safe movement into the conference room, and insurance documents for the vehicle.

● Risk Assessments for the movement of vehicles into the building.

● The vehicle must arrive fully cleaned (wheels and tyres to be cleaned prior to entering building)

● Take note that the maximum floor loading for the Palace, Kings and Monarch Suites is 1 Ton/m.² Vehicles larger than a standard car are only accepted into the Palace, Kings and Monarch Suite.


On the Day

● Firstly, the vehicle movers must report to the security office at the back of the building.

● The vehicle must not be driven into the building, and may only be pushed in, with a competent person at hand to break and steer. 

● Under no circumstances will Hilton employees participate in the moving of vehicles.

● The fuel tank must be emptied prior to being brought into the building, to reduce the potential for a fire hazard. This should be done in a well ventilated, no-smoking area, using appropriate collection and storage utensils.

● The battery must be disconnected from the vehicle at all times whilst inside the conference room. 

● Vehicle windows and doors must be kept shut at all times, under no circumstances is it acceptable to allow guests to freely enter the vehicles.

● An appropriately sized drip tray must be located beneath the engine of the vehicle.

● The vehicle must be brought in on tracks to avoid damage to carpets.

● Security must be notified prior to any vehicle movements taking place.


Heavy vehicles

● It is accepted that vehicles such as lorries, JCB’s, buses and coaches cannot be manually pushed into a conference room. Therefore a very small amount of fuel is permitted to remain in the fuel tank, sufficient for the vehicle to be driven slowly in and out.

● Once the vehicle has been driven in on tracks to protect the carpet, the above measures must be applied. 

It is essential that the above information be supplied in order that we can make an informed decision as to whether or not the vehicle will be permitted.

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