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Team Building

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If looking for an innovative Team Building experience please contact our preferred supplier Team Spirit

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With Wellbeing been an important aspect of our everyday life, take a look at some of these great energiser sessions suitable for all, we especially recommend the HAKA and Y to Z



Boot Camp is a fun, high energy, high tempo, memorable and quirky Indoor or outdoor team activity ideally suited to your young, active and funky client group.

Contact ourselves or team spirit for more information where we can adapt this to indoors within our large meeting space

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Team Building


Indian Cooking School
Birmingham is home to over 400 Indian restaurants and the ‘Balti’ curry was designed here. Indian food has become an adopted English cuisine and our curries and spices are considered the best in the UK.
Pushkar’s executive chef will divide delegates into two teams, each being taught how to cook a different type of curry! From chopping the spices to cooking the naan bread, delegates will compete with each other in who can make the very best Pushkar dish. Delegates will be taught about Indian herbs and spices along with the history of Indian cuisine. It’s an incredible afternoon experience!
The Birmingham Apprentices
As guests enter the ‘Boardroom’ (set up at The Birmingham Hilton Metropole) they know that only high performance teams will succeed! With no time to lose their feet will not touch the ground with the varied back-to-back tasks set in and around Birmingham City Centre. Whilst they stretch their ambition and business flair, team initiative is worked to the full. Once they open their sealed instructions there’s no turning back and the exciting challenges will put everyone’s skills to the test.
Gameshow Extravaganza
Welcome to the Gameshow Extravaganza! A real blast from the past with a great mix of classic gameshow rounds and a few new twists! Guided by our host, teams will be put to the test in a variety of challenging and often hilarious rounds.
Circus Takeover
If you are looking for something unique and spectacular for your team building event, then a Circus Takeover is just what you need! From circus workshops that focus on trust, communication and mental stimulation, to full blown performance programmes that will showcase your team putting together their own show, we can tailor a programme that suits your specific needs.

You can expect to see team members balancing on rolling globes while spinning plates or flying high on the trapeze and aerial silks! Each discipline they learn will give them core skills that relate to everyday work. Circus teaches a multitude of skills that focus on a 'can do' attitude and allow participants to achieve the impossible. So come get your circus on with this Circus Takeover with Birmingham’s first Circus School.

Birmingham Adventure
From the moment teams open their sealed flight cases they are engrossed in this exciting adventure! Between meeting cunningly disguised characters, teams must take hilarious photos, solve devious puzzles and complete the giant crossword! There is always plenty to do, with the whole group involved at every stage keeping eyes and ears peeled for
the next clue! The adventure can be tailored to meet specific company objectives, whilst allowing teams to experience Birmingham city centre using Ipads with GPS mapping.
Rhythm Sensation Drumming
Imagine your delegates entering the room to find an array of beautiful drums from all over the world awaiting them! Within seconds the Drumming Team will have everyone learning the basic drumming skills and rhythms needed to build a powerful percussion band ready to embark on a vibrant sound adventure that will build in pace and intensity until the explosive finale!

Through various rhythm games and hand signals the group is guided along an inspirational journey, demonstrating improved communication and through learning different rhythms, showing how individual input is crucial to the overall goal
and sound… always disguised as outrageous fun!

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