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Sustainable Property Operations Results Tracking

Reusable Cups

Replace disposable cups with reusable/recyclable cups
A wide range of different size branded reusable/recyclable cups including wine and champagne.
The perfect take home souvenir.

Car Share

Journeys are better together.
Promote car share for your delegates via facebook.


Carbon Offset

On average each event at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole only requires 5 trees to offset the carbon emmissions from their event.  Why not plant a tree?   Ask your Event Planner to calculate the number of trees for your event or visit:

Waste Minimisation

The Hilton Birmingham Metropole produces over 200,000 breakfast per year.  When food is disposed of and sent to landfill to decompose, it emits methane gas, which traps heat in the atmosphere.  It is estimated that 14% of the world's CO2 emmissions are caused by food waste.
The latest innovation in the management of food waste is the Forum WasteMaster installed at the HIlton Birmingham Metropole.  This unique technology produces no odour, requires no outsourced waste removal and releases no harmful emissions.
The food waste liquid is evaporated and the remaining food waste is then treated through oxidisation, a chemical reaction required for the decomposition of foods.  The introduction of the superoxide anion and subsequent production of the hydroxyl radical initiates chain reactions of oxidation, significantly accelerating the food decomposition process.
The superoxide anion created is not harmful to living plants or animals, but is capable of breaking down the less complex cell structure of bacteria (and food waste).
For further information, our Executive Chef, Paul Taylor would be delighted to explain our food waste management process in detail.

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