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Guest Room Deliveries

Guest Room Deliveries

Gift Deliveries (non Food & Beverage)  are charged at £1.50+ VAT for a non personalised gift and £2.00+ VAT for a personalised gift or for 2 or more items
Please liaise with your Event Planner in advance to arrange for items to be delivered to your guest rooms.

Lugage Deliveries

The Hotel uses a barcode system for large groups. On check in the guest will be given barcode tags to attach to their items and then will be left with the Conciegre in a designated function room. Concierge will scan the bag to accept the item into the room and will then scan the bag into the bedroom. This data is recorded and will alert the Hotel if any bags have been misplaced into a wrong room.
The cost for this service is £2.00  inc VAT per guest with a maximum of X2 items per person. For 3 or more items £2.50 inc VAT per guest.                                                                                               

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