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Group Arrivals And Departures

Group Check-In, Arrivals and Departures

 Private registration for large events, not checking in over the main reception desk can be prepared as follows:.

-The group check-in is prepared the day prior to the main arrival date;  therefore it is vital that the final rooming list is as accurate as possible by 14:00 on the day prior to the arrival date.
-If the group includes guests sharing twin rooms, our system provides each guests with a registration card.
- All the room numbers are pre-assigned.
-The registration cards are printed and stapled with the key packet attached to the registration card.
-The registration cards are filed alphabetically by surname in “index card” boxes.
-Staffing is based on a 1 team member to 100 guest ratio. Additional staff  over the above ratio can be provided. There is an additional charge of £17.50 per hour + VAT (x 4 hours minimum) per each additional team member requested.
-The private registration can be set up in the Lounge side foyer / Library side foyer / Monarch foyer as well as inside the conference rooms.  If the group also has a separate luggage store (rather than at Concierge), our recommendation is to have the hotel registration in the same room, so that the Front of House team is in the same place.
-The Concierge team can either man a luggage store for group at a charge of £17.50 per hour + VAT (x 4 hours minimum) per team member or luggage can be delivered to the guests’ rooms for £2.00 per person + VAT for up to 2 items per person, or £2.50 per person + VAT for 3 items or more.  
-For a luggage delivery, pre-printed labels are attached to the registration cards. The label will display the guest name, room
number and a bar-code for scanning. 2 x labels are printed per guest.
-On arrival, the guests register with the reception team at the dedicated area. The guests will check in alphabetically by their surname under a pre-prepared equal alpha-split. E.g. a group of 400 would typically have a 4 way alpha-split as per the 1 team member per 100 guest ratio. There will be clear signage either hanging or on “bus stops” to display the alpha-split.
-The guests will be asked to sign twice (on the registration card and the key packet) and also provide an email address or telephone number. There is a legal obligation for guests to sign registration cards. In the event an organiser does not wish guests to sign the individual cards, the hotel will require a senior representative of the client to sign that they have accepted all registration cards / keys on behalf of the guests, resulting in the client accepting liability on behalf of all the guests (including financial liabilities).
-If guests leave their luggage in a dedicated luggage store, it will be alphabetically ordered by surname, to be collected by guests at the end of the day.
-In case of luggage delivery, guests will be given 2 x luggage labels with the pre-assigned room number and a bar code printed on it. The label is attached to the luggage and then the bar code is scanned by concierge to acknowledge that the hotel has received it. The luggage is then stored in floor order until the delivery is started at approx 12:00. The luggage is then delivered and scanned into the rooms. The bar code on the bag is scanned first and then the bar code that is on a sticker the wardrobes of all rooms is then scanned to acknowledge that the luggage has been delivered. This information is then downloaded by the hotel team to ensure there are no discrepancies.
-At the end of the pre-registration, the reception team will return to the main desk to start preparing the keys for the specific key collection time. Keys can only be cut for rooms that are ready. It is hoped that most guests will be captured at pre-registration stage so that the hotel has a good knowledge of how many guests have arrived. Any guests who did not sign in at the start can do so at the key collection. It is aimed that all rooms will be ready and keys cut 15 minutes prior to the specified time (this is usually at end of the meeting). The more time between pre-registration and key collection the better as it allows the hotel to ensure that all rooms are ready.
-At the key collection, guests will, again, collect their keys alphabetically. As the details of the guest have been captured at the pre-registration, the guests only need to state their surname and they will be handed their key and given directions to their room.
-All room accounts are set up so that guests cannot charge to their bedrooms (unless underwritten by the company). If guests wish to be able to charge to their rooms they will need to see reception to leave a pre-authorisation on a credit card. Debit cards are not accepted to open up an account.
-For departure, if guests have nothing outstanding to pay, they can use the express check-out service. If guests do have any charges and want to take a VAT invoice or pay for items, such as parking, then they will need to check-out at reception.

Group Luggage Delivery


The Hotel  uses a barcode system for large groups. On check in the guest will be given barcoded tags to attach to their items. The luggage will be left with the Concierge in a designated luggage room. Concierge will scan the bag to accept the item into the room and will then scan the bag into the bedroom. This data is recorded and will alert the Hotel if any bags have been misplaced into a wrong room.

The cost for this service is £2.00 + VAT per guest with a maximum of X2 items per person.

 For 3 or more items £2.50+ VAT per guest.


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