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Check-In And Check-Out

Check-In & Check-Out

Individual guests:
Check-in time is from 15:00.
Check-out time is 12:00.

On arrival at the hotel, guests may check-in at the front desk. During the registration process, the reception team will confirm the guest details including length of stay, room type and billing instructions. The guest will be asked to complete a registration card with two signatures and their contact details. The guest will be provided with a resident key wallet displaying the room number and departure date, the guest will also be asked to sign this wallet. Guests are required to provide either a credit card, which is pre-authorised through a PDQ machine or the payment taken immediately if the guest is paying with a debit card or cash.
The guest will be provided with an electronic key for the bedroom. The facilities of the hotel will be explained and assistance with luggage offered.

Express check-out is offered to guests. A copy of their account is delivered to the guest bedroom on the morning of departure. Guests can keep this as a copy for their records and leave their key in the Express Check-out box which is located between the Concierge and Reception desk.
Guests who may wish to query their account or need a receipt immediately can check-out a the front desk.

A late departure can be arranged, subject to availability, by contacting Reception. For a departures between 14:00 and 18:00 a charge of 50% of the room rate would apply. For departures after 18:00 the guest a charge of 100% of the room rate would apply.

Group Check in


For group check-ins a separate area can be set up away from the front desk. This would usually be near or alongside where a group delegate registration would be located.
The recommended group check-in desks would be located on the Lounge and Library side foyer, in the Monarch foyer, or in a function room that is being used for the group luggage store. Guests can pre-register by signing the hotel registration card thus allowing the reception team to prepare the keys for a later pre-arranged key collection. 
To prepare for the group check-in, the night before the arrival day, the rooms are assigned, all the registration cards are pre-printed and prepared in surname alphabetical order, therefore it is important that the rooming list is as accurate as possible. The registration cards are placed in index card boxes with the key wallets attached.
On the day of arrival the pre-registration should be arranged to commence at least an hour prior to the conference or meeting starting. The boxes are taken to the designated check-in area, the boxes will be arranged in a suitable pre-arranged alpha-split (this is arranged either via the group organisers preference, or via the Front of House team). Signage is hung above or alongside which displays the chosen alpha-split so that the guests know where to register. At pre-registration, the guest is asked to sign twice - on the registration card and on the key wallet - and also provide contact details in the form of either an email or home address. It is useful to have a point of contact close to the registration desk, should there be any queries with bookings, such as name changes, cancellations or additions.
The key collection should be arranged for the end of the conference, this may be different to the standard group check-in time of 17:00, depending on the conference running order. At the point of key collection, the guest will be given the key to the bedroom in the key wallet. The entire group is automatically blocked from being able to charge to the bedrooms, therefore if a guest wishes to open up their account, they need to approach the Reception desk so that a pre-authorisation can be taken on their credit card. Debit cards cannot be used to open up an account. 


Key Cards

When our guests check in, they will be given a standard blue electronic Hilton key card. These keys are also provided for all meeting rooms. Please advise your Event Planner the number required for all rooms.

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