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Sound System

Sound System

The following rooms have built in P/A systems:
- Monarch
- Kings
- York
- Arden
- Library
- Westminster
- Terrace
- Pavilion
- Sunningdale
- Ascot 
The built in systems consist of ceiling mounted speakers throughout the room with amplifier and  4 way audio mixer if required. The systems are designed for announcement microphones, conference microphones and music at background level.
Should your event require audio at a high level of amplification, please inform the hotel's Event Planner, in order for the on-site Audio Visual Team to review your requirements and install a more powerful portable system if required.

Radio Microphones

Radio mic frequencies are as follows:

Sennheiser G3’s frequencies

606.500 preset 1.1
615.375 preset 2.2
624.925 preset 3.3
634.075 preset 4.4
642.675 preset 5.5
645.400 preset 9.9
623.050 preset 7.7
629.325 preset 8.8

Our radio mics are constantly in use.  Please ensure you advise your Event Planner if you intend to use radio microphones on any other frequency in advance of your arrival.

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