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The Hilton Birmingham Metropole takes pride in the condition and aesthetic appearance of our facility.
In order to maintain a quality image for all Hotel guests, there are a few things we ask of you during your stay:
Only professionally printed signage is allowed in the meeting/convention areas. These signs can be used with easels or in sign stands. No handwritten signs or flipcharts are allowed outside the meeting rooms.
No banners can be hung along the walls of the Public Areas. Banners may be hung from the skirting of the hospitality desks and above registration areas.  There is a facility on the exterior at the Monarch Entrances (please see detail of attached sizes). Hotel personnel must provide the labour to hang the signs at a fee of £50.00 each.
In addition, nothing is to be placed over exit doors or located to conceal or obscure any exit.
Please advise your Event Planner of any signage that you wish to use prior to your event.



Clingz – Aan electro-statically charged film which will stick to virtually any surface without the need for tapes, tacks or dhesives. Clingz are easy to apply, repositionable and damage free upon removal because of their lack of adhesive. Clingz are perfect for shorter term PoS campaign and exhibition and events graphics.


Skinz – Similar to clingz in the fact that it is totally adhesive but our skinz actually use a micro-suction technology to stick to smooth, glossy surfaces for longer times. The skinz are a lot more robust than the clingz and can be applied to the outside of windows and withstand wind and weather. The skinz are also repositionable and damage free on removal and can provide stunning graphics if correctly installed.


Dotz – This is a great material to use when applying outside. As with all of these materials, it is easy to apply, easy to remove and damage free upon removal. It has a dot adhesive which allows it to be installed without having any bubbles in it at all.

For further details contact:

Think Ambient

01625 251049


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