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The following types of telephones are available for guests, meeting & convention service and administrative staff. Please advise your Catering/Event Manager if you need the use of a phone for your program.
All Single Deluxe guest bedrooms have one telephone in them, all the other guest bedrooms have two telephones. Guests can dial 9 to access an outside line. There are 10 pre-set buttons on the telephone key pad.
Guests are able to dial internally room to room between the hours of 06:00-22:00. Between 22:00-06:00 it is required to dial 0 to be connected to another guest room.
Guests can dial MAGIC assistance "0" for all Housekeeping, Reception, Concierge and Maintenance enquiries.
A polycom station to speakerphone is available at the price of £65.00 + VAT per day
Call charges for both bedrooms and conference rooms are (per minute):
Local - 75p
National - 90p
Mobile - £3.75
Premium rate - £3.75
Fixed directory rate - £4.40
International Calls - Europe - £4.40
Eastern Europe - £5.00
Far East & Australasia - £6.25
Middle East & Africa - £6.25
North America & Caribean - £4.40
South Amercia - £6.25
International free phone - Free for the 1st 60 minutes and 65p per minute there after.

Internet Access

Internet is provided by BT Openzone.

From the guests bedroom it is charged at £14.99 per 24 hours. Guests can access 1 hour complimentary access in the public areas using a code that is clearly displayed on the Concierge desk and in the lobby.

House Phones


There are 3 house phones, located in booths opposite the Monarch Suite in the Monarch Foyer.
There are 3 house phones, located in booths along the corridor beside the Palace Suite.
Once the receiver is picked up the call will automatically come through to switchboard. Guests can ask to make outside calls to be charged to their room.
Guests can call for assistance, can ask to be transferred to another room, providing they can give the occupants name.

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