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All areas of the hotel are non smoking, including all guest bedrooms.
Two smoking shelters are available for smokers.
1.   NEC Entrance
      The shelter is on the right hand side when exiting the hotel, adjacent to the water feature.
2.   LivingWell Entrance
      The shelter is located on the right when exiting the hotel, adjacent to the lake.
Please note that smoking is not permitted outside the entrances and we would kindly ask smokers to use the shelters provided and be conscious of other guests entering and exiting the hotel.

Electronic Cigarettes


E-Cigarettes are devices that vaporise a nicotine solution to replicate smoking without the use of tobacco. Some look like conventional cigarettes, while others appear more like an electronic device. Whilst the concentrations of the constituents of E-Cigarette vapours are low (nicotine and other chemicals) the levels vary from brand to brand and the use of these in public areas of the Hotel may cause concern to fellow guests and visitors. As a result, the following guidance has been issued.

Use of E-Cigarettes by Hotel Guests & Visitors

The use of E-Cigarettes in guest bedrooms is permitted in both “Smoking” and “Non Smoking” bedrooms. The vapor levels and aroma emitted by E-Cigarettes are unlikely to have any lasting impact on conditions within the rooms or affect fire detection systems. This policy will not be actively promoted or displayed but guests should be advised accordingly if specifically enquiring.

The use of E-Cigarettes by guests and visitors in smoke free public areas of the Hotel is prohibited. Guests and visitors found to be using these in public areas should be politely directed to an external area of the Hotel.

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